Christopher Garvey
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"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."

Robert Motherwell

I was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1979. I was raised outside of Memphis and spent my early years mostly experimenting in making art, never truly pursuing a career in art. In 2001 I joined the Navy and spent 10 years of my life in Italy. I’ve since left the Navy and now work a full time job and paint in my free time. Something I’ve always enjoyed is history, and more specifically a tangible history like found objects from antique stores or flea markets. I wonder who owned these objects and what meaning did it have to them. Did this person love? Were they bored? What were their interest? We’ve all loved or felt boredom or excitement and it is that connection that I look for.

I’ve experimented with many different techniques, from traditional painting to mixed media and have always enjoyed working in oil. Oil painting provides the ability to work in layers and build many translucent to opaque layers in each piece.